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our studio is available for hire for podcast recording for both audio and video. 

Either hire the soundproof space only and bring your own equipment, or utilise our expertise and equipment to bring your vision to life.


Audio and visual editing and postproduction services available. 

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Get to know your favourite artists as they join Majelen and Court in the studio at Liondance Records, Burleigh Heads!

Be prepared for a behind the scenes look at the music industry on both a global and local Aussie level!

We go into each chat basically unprepared... so each artist has the opportunity to be as raw and real as possible. Listen to insights behind the creations of some of the most amazing and incredible artists round town - their personal stories, professional influences, creative journeys, triumphs and struggles and a whole lot more... plus some live music to finish it all off at the end of each episode!

We try to be very serious the whole time, so there's lots of laughing, bits of couple cuteness, mild shit talking, epic music and pretty groovy people.

Much love from Majelen and Court! xx

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